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Making sure your home is properly secured and absolutely safe is very important as every locksmith in Dalston will tell you. However, how could you be sure you are following all the right measures to secure your home and the recommendations of your reliable locksmith in Dalston? Let’s find out in this article. Here we share top tips from a reliable and experienced professional locksmith in Dalston, stay tuned.

Tip from a Locksmith from Dalston: Use Deadbolts

Every reputable locksmith in Dalston will tell you of the importance of using deadbolts for making your home safer and more secure. Using deadbolts definitely tops the list of every experienced locksmith in Dalston. Why is using deadbolts really that important? Unlike regular doorknobs, deadlocks ensure extra defence and security and your locksmith in Dalston will definitely offer you these options instead of classic doorknobs. The defence a deadbolt offers is against everyone planning to enter your home without permission, including burglars. If you are discussing the topic of the security of your home with a locksmith in Dalston, they won’t get tired to tell that a deadbolt is a way to go.

Tip from a Locksmith in Dalston: Keep Keys Out of Sight

Every locksmith in Dalston will tell you that an easy and simple way to ensure your home is safer and more secure is by keeping the keys to your home out of sight and not that easily accessible. Indeed, keeping your keys close to your front door or in another central location in your home is easier for you to find them all the time, however, as a locksmith in Dalston will tell you, this will make your keys also more accessible for thieves and burglars. They don’t have to do much in order to enter your home.

Tip from a Locksmith in Dalston: Rekeying

Your locksmith in Dalston will also tell you about the importance of rekeying. Many people don’t know what rekeying is or they don’t consider it as an option. However, as a professional locksmith in Dalston will explain, rekeying is the process of replacing or changing old lock pins. Rekeying is often the best choice for many situations, as a locksmith in Dalston will tell you. For example, you can hire a locksmith in Dalston to rekey if you are moving into a new home. You can also use the service of a locksmith in Dalston for rekeying of homes with locks that have been compromised.

Tip from a Locksmith in Dalston: Double Cylinder Locks

One more option you will most probably be offered by your locksmith in Dalston are double cylinder locks. Double cylinder locks are a great option for homes with doors that are close to a window. As a locksmith in Dalston will tell you, when the door of your home is close to a window, a burglar can easily gain access by simply breaking the window glass. However, a good locksmith in Dalston knows that with a double cylinder lock, the door can be opened only when using keys.