Torquay Locksmith

Do you rent a Torquay holiday apartment(s) and want to know if it is securely locked down for the end of season? We can provide an end of holiday letting season security check to ensure that your property has indeed been made secure. This means doors locked, windows shut, any window locks are secure at ground level and no vulnerable entry points into your property. Should you loose your keys many home insurance policies allow you to claim for both key and lock replacement. Did your last tenant copy the keys even if they were unaware the keys being copied?

It's nice to believe that we can trust everyone but you can not be 100% certain of anyone so it is simply wise to take a minimal level of precaution. A Master Key Lock System is a one key opens all system which allows for individual locks or groups of locks to be opened by a separate key. We understand the construction of UPVC double glazed units and can retro-fit window locks and window restrictors.