Stockport Locksmiths

Stockport Locksmiths 24hr service brings a friendly and professional locksmith service to your door, be it your home or business. Stuck and in a hurry? Don't worry our emergency locksmith services are available round-the-clock and we don't charge a call out fee no matter what time of day or night that you need our service.

Our 24-hour locksmiths are available for emergency situations, most commonly involving lockouts or jammed locks. Our technicians are trained and experienced to provide non-destructive entry wherever possible when picking a lock. In the event of a break-in or robbery, our locksmiths can help by fixing or replacing broken locks or providing a rekeying service to replace the old key without having to install a whole new lock.

We offer all lock and key services, although we do find getting locked out is the most common reason customers call. Amongst the other services provided, re-keying, a method by which an existing lock and key are adapted to become a new locking system has become quite popular due to its low cost. The work requires a professional locksmith's skills.