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We believe that a locksmith’s service should be professional yet affordable. By operating as a small business there’s no VAT to pay and we do not charge a call out fee. This means lower prices for you. There’s no call centre to pay as you call us directly and we offer discounts for OAP’s and students.

We also use non-destructive methods rather than drilling locks as this means the lock remains in tact in many cases so the purchase of a new locking system is not required. By combining our money saving policy with the best locksmith’s methods results in a better and more affordable service for our valued customers. Make sure you contact us for a quote on any lock work, night or day.

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Locksmith Services

Locksmith Services

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To sleep safe at night and to have the ability to protect your family and your property from intruders is what we all need. Which is why the locksmith Liverpool works hard, day and night to provide the local community with increased security.

Get in touch with our trained and passionate technicians today to find more information.

We do any kind of daily lock services, such as getting your keys duplicated, getting your locks and home security checked and upgraded.

Our Services

Our Services

Security inspections Today:

A security inspection from will give you the knowledge you need to make a fully-informed decision about the security of your residential, commercial or industrial property. One of our guys will make an appointment to full assess and survey your property, looking for points that would be targets for potential intruders or where your locking systems may fail you leaving your locked out of the property. Security inspections can take place at evenings or weekends if this suits you.

Fast Response:

They take a minimum of one hour; perhaps much longer for large industrial properties, but we charge a flat rate. Following the inspection, the Locksmiths Liverpool staff member will offer professional advice drawing on his or her many years of experience in the business, as well as knowledge of recent products available in the industry. All issues will be fully explained to you and we will offer advice as to equipment that would suit your property in order to tighten up its security. For security inspections at reasonable rates, call now.

Emergency Service:

We have vans and fast-working locksmiths on standby at all hours of the day and night to respond to your call. When you lose your keys at midnight, you can hardly wake the neighbours. Call us and we will gain entry to your property. On most emergency locksmiths call outs we don’t even need to drill locks – by lock picking we do not damage your property and you can continue with your day. If entry does require causing some damage, we carry Yale locks, deadlocks and all necessary equipment on board so that your home can be re-secured straight away.

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