About the Business

Locksmiths Manchester has been serving the people of Manchester for nearly a decade now. The business was set up by one women – Fran! As a female Locksmith in Manchester, you’ve got to be pretty clued up to survive in a tough market place – and that’s what I’ve been doing for the last 10 years. As a Locksmith in Manchester that is female – it’s been so important to be reputable, honest, and bloody good at what you do…..and fair. I think to date I’ve ticked MOST of the boxes…except for the fair one!

I think as a Locksmiths Manchester I’m slightly UNFAIR- because I have always made sure I undercut every other Locksmith Manchester to gain new customers. This has meant I can build up a bank of repeat customers and rely heavily on word of mouth. From the customers perspective, by calling this Locksmith Manchester you know you’re getting the cheapest Locksmith in Manchester by a country mile!
Location & Hours

China House, 14 Harter Street

Manchester, M1 6HP
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