Belfrey Secure Locksmiths

Do you know who has the keys to your new home or office? You're twice as likely to be burgled if you've just moved in, Belfrey Secure strongly recommend you change your locks for your safety and peace of mind. If you've had the misfortune of being burgled, Belfrey Secure will repair the damage, ensure security and offer advice to minimise repeat burglaries. Need to replace your existing locks to conform to British Standard 3621 in order to comply with insurance requirements?

Belfrey Secure can help. Belfrey Secure specialise in the supply and installation of secondary security such as door viewers, rack bolts, padlocks, window locks and door chains. Belfrey Secure is an independent locksmith and security company based in West London offering a fast, friendly and reliable service for your residential or commercial property.