Armour Locksmiths

The Integrator® is a next generation of the 7X7® Garrison system. It provides a higher level of tamper resistance and comprises a unique high precision 7-pin tumbler mechanism. The patented key blank includes a copy protected oval cut. Special launcher pins are inserted into the relevant chambers which correspond with the oval key cut. A wide variety of keying options are available as the special cuts on the Integrator® key are available in 3 configurations; Twin cut, External, Internal. This feature also allows for a flexible master-keying hierarchy. The patented key and key blank ensure increased key control. Additional keys should only be cut on production of the Mul-T-Lock key card and customer identity. The Integrator® system can be used in conjunction with the Garrison (7X7®)system as these cylinders can be opened using Integrator® keys. The system is a cost-effective solution which doesn't compromise security levels.